I have an answer for you.   Show me your teeth.   Julia, 19, from California. Atheist, and in love with music, sex, and occasionally myself. But mostly music. None of my blog makes sense, kind of like me.

I got a ton of cute stuff.

I finally got the courage to get this really cute black studded bustier. UGH. I’m so fucking happy that I have the boobs to wear it. I can’t wait to fucking wear it, aughhhhh.

Today was nice. Now I go back to work mode. Spring break is done, school is almost over and work is picking up. I’m excited to go back into the madness. I miss it, I like time off but too much time and I go insane.

I kind of want to show ya’ll the top but I’m lazy right now. And no one is up so what’s the point?

Okay I’m very much awake so I’m gonna go do a dance workout or something.


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"I got weed!"

Only it wasn’t weed. Someone sold this girl OREGANO. No fucking lie. This actually happened to someone…
Really, girl?!


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Gaga in the room, cherry cherry boom boom.

Gaga in the room, cherry cherry boom boom.

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"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."
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Let me also just say

My ass was stared at a couple times today. Not just by the usual uglies but by a couple of studs. There obviously must be something wrong with them but it was nice to be objectified for a little bit.

Alright I’m done. Have an awesome night loves. Be safe, I’ll try to be we’ll see though. My phone will be on airplane mode because quite frankly I don’t trust myself not to send nudes I have saved to people. And I have like 2 of my boss’ numbers. Yeah.

That was pointless. Okay I’m gone for real I have a shot of tequila waiting to be downed (that’s not a word). BYE LOVES.

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oh and I’ve been

getting non-stop kisses and hugs from my stud muffin (aka my 4 yr old nephew) all day. He gives them to me randomly. THIS. This is how you love a girl, kisses for no reason.

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We decided to share this monstrosity. I couldn’t even finish my half of the half.

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"If they don’t like you who the fuck cares."
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"If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors."
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